TV episodesEdit


Red Skelton Vol. 3 The Red Skelton Hour 1966 CBS

The Fastest Cuspidor in the West

Half a Loafer is Better Than None

Video Treasures 1989 # TV 8510
  • Emmys

Diamond Entertainment Corporations (DEC) 1996

Marathon Music & Video (MM&V) 1998 #

Host: Dale Reid gives a short bio of Red Skelton.

GoodTimes Home Video

1999 #

1. Fabian 05-08907 (Rock on the Wild Side, Hound Dog Man)

2. Martha Raye 05-08908 (Of Mouth and Men) 3. Vincent Price 05-08909 (The Transcontinental, Freddie's Masterpiece)

4. Ed Sullivan 05-08910 (U.N. show, Ed Sullivan)

5. Amanda Blake 05-08911 (San Fernando for Governor, Freddie's Hideout)

Diamond (DVD)

2000 # 98302

Holiday CollectionEdit

2000 (DVD) Brentwood Home Video #60993-9

The Vault Collection

Red Skelton.TV

2002 #
  1. Freddie's Romance, The Answering Service
  2. Clem Kadiddlehopper in Dog Patch, San Fernando Red in Alaska
  3. Castaway Sailors, George Appleby's Castle
  4. Clem Kadiddlehopper and the Dalton Girls, Sheriff Deadeye At the Alamo

Vintage TelevisonEdit

[Shokus Video, DVD, 2002]

528-The Red Skelton Show, II

  1. The Red Skelton Revue (9/8/54) with Peggy Lee
  2. The Red Skelton Show (1/18/55) with Peter Lorre
  3. The Red Skelton Show (1/15/57) with Mickey Rooney 

Red Skelton Show Volume One

Critics' Choice

2003 # CCD 1007

The Best of the Red Skelton ShowEdit

[Voxcorp. DVD 2004 #22522-7]

  • Disc 1
  1. Episode 1 (Monologue; Freddie's Desperate Hour; The Magic Act; Detecitve Sketch; Keep Romance Alive; Hooperdew's Magic Tire; Closing)
  2. Episode 2 (Monologue; Freddie's County Home; The Greasy Spoon Cafe; The Garage Sale; The Clumsy Stockboy in the Teddy Bear Factory; Junior and Sunday Morning; Diamond Tim Brady; Closing)
  3. Episode 3 (Monolgue; Instant Marriage Mill; The Census Taker; Girl Ahoy; The Auction; The Lady Who Sees Her Husband in Everbody; Closing)
  4. Episode 4 (Monologue; Charity Begins at Home-But Nowadays Who Can Afford a Home?; Waiting for a Bus; The Subject Was Painter; Closing)
  • Disc 2
  1. Episode 5 (Monologue; The Summer Resort Showoff; Be It Ever So Crumbled There's No Place Like Home; Valentine's Day Song; The Picnic; Closing)
  2. Episode 6 (Monologue; Trying to Lose Weight; Blood is Thicker Than Water-And Harder to Shave With; The Born Loser; Closing)
  3. Episode 7 (Monologue; People Who Like People Are Cannibals; Boomerangs and Housework Don't Mix; You Can't Cheat an Honest Man-But You Can Try; Closing)
  • Disc 3 (Monologue; The Stagecoach Hijack; The Art of Giving; The Red Skelton Christmas Show; Closing)

TV Classic


Popsicle Parade with Fanny Brice

Red Skelton Show Volume 6

TV Classic


Buster Crabbe & Mickey Rooney

Jamie Farr & Red Skelton: A Very Special Friendship Timeless Media Group 2008 # 66724
  • Jamie Farr Interview
  • Cookie and Snorkel's Bundle of Joy
  • Desert Island
  • Appleby the Weatherman

Red Skelton The Collector Edition (18 DVD Set) Timeless Media Group 2009 #
  • 60815: Disc 11 - 8 episodes. Disc 12 - 8 episodes
  • 60825: Disc 13 - 8 episodes. Disc 14 - Best of Red Skelton, Jamie Farr's First Appearance on the Red Skelton Show, Guzzler's Gin Skit, KPIX Interview with Red Skelton, The Pledge of Allegiance, Silent Spot with Jerry Lewis
  • 60835: Disc 15 - The Best of the Master. Disc 16 - America's Clown
  • 60845: Disc 17 - Getting Personal with Dini Petty. Disc 18 - Red Skelton Live and Unedited


Climax "Public Pigeon #1" (GoodTimes Home Video 1990 VHS)

Shower of Stars

Shower of Stars Vol. 2, (Kinevideo DVD)

1955/01/20 "Show Stopper"

1955/11/14 "Ethel Merman's Show Stoppers"

Volumn 4 (Nostalgia Family Video 1997 VHS)

1955/12/15 "Shower of Golden Record"

This is Your Life, Buster Keaton (Happy Video, mr.kemp @


Red Skelton CollectionEdit

2005 (DVD [1] ) Image Entertainment #ID0382PSDVD

  • A Royal Command Performance
  • More Funny Faces
  • Funny Faces III
2013 Farewell Specials

The Farewell Specials Edit

2013 (DVD) Mill Creek Entertainment

  • Red Skelton's Christmas Dinner
  • More Funny Faces

Note: Fade in/out for commercials.

  • Funny Faces III
  • A Royal Command Performance

Note: Edited out ending of "Guzzler's Gin"


A Tribute to Houdini

Main Street Video


John Clavert clip (1954)

Collector's Series

Red Skelton.TV

2001 # 1
Collector's Series 1

Red Skelton.TV

2001 #
  1. Folding Boy, Milk Wagon, Lt. Muscle, Honest San Fernando Red
  2. Guzzler's Gin, Lord Beaverhead, Mechanical Man, What's Cooking
  3. See the Moon, Parking and Sparking, Telephone Trouble, The Bum's Rush

Golden Age Video, Inc.

Christmas JolliesEdit

2002 (DVD) GoodTimes #05-81395. 68 min.

Clips from Red Skelton's TV shows "The Skelton's at Home", "Cop and the Anthem", "Freddie and the Yuletide Doll"

  1. Christmas Cheer (Begins with clips from TV Christmas shows. Monologue.)
  2. That Cold Day in the Park ("Freddie and the Yuletide Doll" clips)
  3. Home for the Holidays ("The Skelton's at Home" Willie Lump Lump clip)
  4. The Gang's All Here ("The Skelton's at Home" Family and friends, Cauliflower McPugg, Clem Kiddlehopper, Deadeye)
  5. Stair Master (Monologue)
  6. Joy Noel ("Cop and the Anthem" clips)
  7. Eccentric Millionaire ("Cop and the Anthem" clips)
  8. Looking for Help ("Cop and the Anthem" clips)
  9. The Continental
  10. Father's Daze (Monologue. Mime: New born baby)
  11. The Morning After (Silent spot)
  12. Family Entertainment ("The Skelton's at Home")

Christmas ShowEdit

2004 (DVD) GoodTimes #05-81683. 30 min

Clips from "Freddie and the Yuletide Doll" and guest star Harpo Marx.

  1. Opening Monologue
  2. Yuletide Doll (edited)
  3. Looking Up ("Topsy Turvy")
  4. Silent Spot ("Christmas Truce" with Harpo Marx. edited)


2005 (DVD) Timeless #64373. 2 hrs 10 min.

The Plight Before Christmas
The Pledge of Allegiance
The Thanksgiving Turkey
Weepy Talks Turkey
Frozen Freddie
Freddie and the Carolers ("Freddie and the Yuletide Doll")
Red Talks About Santa and Stair Climbing
Freddie Get 90 Days ("The Cop and the Anthem")
The Skeltons at Home


2004 # 05-83267
  1. 05-81114 King of Laughter
  2. 05-81115 Public Pigeon #1
  3. 05-81116 Bloopers, Blunders, & Ad-Libs
  4. 05-81117 The Lost Episodes
  5. 05-81395 Christmas Jollies
  6. 05-81681 Best of Freddie & Clem
  7. 05-81682 The Lost Episodes Volume II
  8. 05-81683 Christmas Show

Movie releaseEdit

1951 - Texas Carnival

  • VHS (released 2/24/1995)


The Funny World of Red Skelton GoodTime Home Video 1992 # 7005

A Film Shows Inc. Production (Paul Harris and Sandy Oliveri)