The Red Skelton Christmas Show
Season 20, Episode 13, Program 13
1970-12-21 Christmas special
Air date 12/21/1970
Character Freddie the Freeloader
Guest Star Leslie Nielsen
Cast Sundown Spencer - Orphan
Jan Arvan - Seal act performer
Fats -
Skinny -
Episode guide
TV ep. 20.12 The Stagecoach Hijack
TV ep. 20.14 Junior and Sunday Morning

Opening: No opening

Act 1-3: Freddie is selling chestnuts but a orphan has a better price. Police Officer Ryan (Leslie Nielsen) stops them for selling without a permit. The Officer finds out that Freddie is trying to raise money for a orphan show. He helps Freddie try to get performers but can't get anyone. Freddie still has the show with the help of imagination.

Music: Christmas Toys
Video releaseEdit

[1],  Best of the Red Skelton Show Christmas Show, Voxcorp #22522-7

  1. Red Skelton Christmas 2006 (Video release)