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1962-06-26 Birds

06/26/1962 "Cauliflower Loses His Birds"

06/26/1962 - Cauliflower Loses His Birds

GS: Vincent Price - Mr. Gould

Opening: Fighting

Mime: Not evening boxing match.

Dance number: "Hooray for Hollywood"

McPugg's girlfriend tries to get him to stop seeing birds.

Cast: Stanley Adams - Dr. J.B. Proctor, Consulting Psychologist and Notary Public, Emmaline Henry - Rootie (McPugg's Girlfriend), Maudie Prickett - Mrs. Gould

Note: Doing McPugg for about 40 years. Can't show stage hands finger. $25 dollar charge. Boom mic part of opening mime. Name on door - Sy Coesis Psychiatrist. Cauliflower's full name is Caulifower Broccoli McPugg. Father vegetarian. McPugg's first fight was on June 18, 1947 8:05. First hear birds 8:06.

Originally schedules to air April 3, 1962 but changed due to the death of real boxer, Benny "Kid" Paret.[1]

Last show of the season, Last half hour show. Hour shows next season.

Has done 336 half hour shows in the last 11 years.


The Collector Edtion, Timeless #60765 (DVD)

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