Clem the Private Eye
Season 09, Episode 23, Program 23
1960-03-22 Private Eye
Air date 03/22/1960
Character Clem Kadiddlehopper
Guest Star Keefe Brasselle - Mr. Zimba
George O'Hanlon - Mr. List
Cast [[]]
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Opening: Thanks Maurice Chevalier for dedicating a song to Valentina. She was schedule to be on his show but she was sick. Lifesaver, Seagulls. Income Tax.

Mime: Private eye.

Plot: Clem is an elevator operator that wants to be partner of private eyes. He helps them try to recover a stolen diamond.

Note: Spoof on 77 Sunset Strip. Joke on Twilight Zone. Chevalier appeared on "The Revlon Revue" 02/04/1960 [1]

Video releaseEdit

{DVD #64334}