Deadeye the Outlaw
Season 07, Episode 11, Program -
1957-12-17 Outlaw
Air date 1957/12/17
Character Deadeye
Guest Star Mickey Rooney..."Rollo"
Jack Kirkwood..."Sheriff Zak O'Toole
Cast -
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Opening: West

Mime: Little Old Man remembers the old west to a little boy.

Dance number: "Who Cares".

Closeing: With bird.

An ageing Sheriff calls on his son from the east to deal with Deadeye. Finds out the son, Rollo, is a bit of a wimp.

Jokes: Sputnik, Re-tail.

Note: Slipped down the stairs earlier that week. Stepped on a walnut.

Deadeye's horse - Lightning

DVD #64264