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CBS Tuesday 9:30. Rating 15

Ex Prod - Nat Perrin. Producer - Cecil Barker. Director - Seymour Berns. Writer - Sherwood Schwatrz; Jessie Goldstein; Dave O' Brien. Assoc Director - Howard A. Quinn. Set Director - Edgar Lansbury. Set Decor - Arthur Parker. Chor - Jack Boyle. Wardrobe - John Blonder. Script Sec - Connie Dresselhouse. Stage Manager - Bud Morrison. Lighting Director - James S. Rice

1956 10/02 06.01 10/02/1956 GS: Rocky Marciano "McPugg's Comeback "
1956-10-02 TV-McPugg v Rocky
1956 10/09 06.02 10/09/1956 GS: Corine Calvert. Clem vs. Olympic spies
1956 10/16 06.03 10/16/1956 GS: Peter Potter, Gale Robbins. Shagnasty composer
1956 10/23 06.04 10/23/1956 GS: Johnny Carson, Allen Jenkins. Election Freddie
1956 10/30 06.05 10/30/1956 GS: Sally Forrest, Roland Winters, Nancy Kulp. "The Magic Shoes" Clem
1956 11/06

11/06/1956 - No TV show due to election.

1956 11/13 06.06 11/13/1956 GS: Virginia Grey. Appleby's millions
1956 11/20

06.07 11/20/1956 "Thankgiving "

1956-11-20 Thanksgiving
1956 11/27 06.08 11/27/1956 GS: Boris Karloff, Eva Gabor. "The Atomic Sailor" Cookie
1956-11-27 TV-Cookie Atomic
1956 12/04 06.09 12/04/1956 GS: Marilyn Maxwell, Fritz Feld. Clem's Hamlet
1956 12/11 12/11/1956 {Victor Borge special}
1956 12/18 06.10 12/18/1956 GS: Ruth Hussey "San Fernando Goes Straight". Store detective Christmas
1956 12/25 12/25/1956 Repeat The Cop and the Anthem 12/20/1955
1957 01/01 06.11
Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson
Film noir icon Audrey Totter makes her first Red Skelton Show appearance in a dual role. First she appears as Clara, the nagging wife of henpecked George Appleby (Red Skelton), forcing her husband to stick to his New Years' resolution diet. And, as the long-suffering spouse of tosspot Willie Lump-Lump (Skelton again), Audrey tries to wean her husband off booze for the umpteenth time. This episode aired on January 1, 1957.
1957 01/08 01/08/1957 Cesar Romero
1957 01/15

06.12 01/15/1957 "The Sailor Takes a Wife" GS: Mickey Rooney

1957-01-15 Cookie Wife
1957 01/22 06.13
Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson
Vincent Price guest-stars in this full-color edition of The Red Skelton Show from January 22, 1957. It all begins when insouciant hobo Freddie the Freeloader wins an all-expense-paid trip to Paris. Appalled at Freddie's lack of "couth", the contest judges ship Freddie off to a gentleman's finishing school, run by snooty Warren Glenhall (Price). Allen Jenkins costars as Freddie's pal Muggsy.
1957 01/29 06.14
Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson
Oscar-winning character actor James Dunn is Red Skelton's guest on this "living color" half-hour from January 29, 1957. In a "Cauliflower McPugg" sketch, punchy prizefighter Cauliflower beigns to hear one too many "little birdies" after being knocked out for the umpeenth time. On the advice of his manager (Dunn), McPugg becomes a professional wrestler, where at least he can be guaranteed a few victories on occasion. Unfortunately, as he prepares for his first match, Cauliflower is threatened with death if he wins-and threatened with death if he loses!
1957 02/05 02/05/1957 "Freddie Finds a Headlight" GS: Eddie "Rochester" Anderson, Allen Jenkins; Jack Benny
1957-02-05 TV-Jack Benny headlight
1957 02/12 02/12/1957 GS: John Ireland
1957 02/19 02/19/1957 GS: Elena Verdugo
1957 02/26

06.20 02/26/1957 "Showboat " San Fernando GS: Charles Ruggles, Marie Windsor

1957-02-26 Showboat
1957 03/05

06.21 03/05/1957 "Clem's Oil " GS: Carol Channing - Daisy June [1]

1957-03-05 oil
1957 03/12 03/12/1957

GS: Edward Everett Horton

Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson

The highlight of this full-color Red Skelton Show episode is a lengthy takeoff of "This is Your Life." At a surprise party in his honor, hobo Freddie the Freeloader (Red) relives the high points of his life-only to discover that there were no high points! Edward Everett Horton costars as Freddy's fellow tramp Alfred. This episode aired on March 12, 1957.

1957 03/19 03/19/1957 GS: Virginia Grey
1957 03/26

06.24 03/26/1957 "Fish Market " GS: Chester Morris, Robert Armstrong, Veda Ann Borg

1957-03-26 Fish
1957 04/02 06.27 "Romeo and Juliet" Cookie. GS: Arnold Stang - Snorkel
1957 04/09

06.28 "Robinson Crusoe" Freddie. GS: Alan Mowbray, Reginald Denny

Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson

Dependable British character actors Alan Mowbray and Reginald Denny lend a touch of class (so to speak) to this full-color installment of The Red Skelton Show from April 9, 1957. The main comedy segment is a "Freddie the Freeloader" sketch, with Red as the industrious tramp. Marooned on a cannibal-infested desert island, Freddie ends up as guide to a pair of mixed-up explorers.

1957 04/16 06.29 "The Mean Little Girl" Appleby. GS: Evelyn Rudie, Mary Beth Hughes - Clara, Lyle Talbot
1957 04/23 06.30 "Bolivar's Double" Appleby, Bolivar. GS: Virginia Grey, Gerald Mohr
1957 04/30

06.31"The Clown" GS: Hedda Hopper; Eddie Little

GS: Arnold Stang, Lina Romay. Character: Cookie

Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson

Arnold Stang appears with Red in the comedy sketch "Cookie in Cuba." On leave in pre-Castro Havana, sailors Cookie (Red) and Snorkel (Arnold) fall under the spell of a beautiful-and fickle-senorita. Originally aired live and in color on April 30, 1957, "Cookie in Cuba" was repeated on film a few weeks later, with Mickey Rooney as Snorkel.

1957 05/07 06.32 "Freddie and the Happy Helpers" GS: Una Merkel; Jackie Coogan; Roland Winters
1957 05/14 06.33 "Clem's Inheritance" GS: Vincent Price, Jayne Meadows; Roland Winters
1957 05/21 06.34 "Cookie in Cuba" GS: Mickey Rooney, Lina Romay. Character: CookiePlot Synopsis by Hal Erickson

Evidently, the "Cookie in Cuba" sketch on the April 30 1957 edition of The Red Skelton Show was so well received that Skelton decided to repeat it three weeks later on May 21, this time on film. Once again, Red is cast as Cookie the sailor, with Mickey Rooney replacing Arnold Stang as Cookie's pal Snorkel. On leave in Havana, the two gobs are smitten by gorgeous café chanteuse Carmen (Lina Romay).

1957 05/28 06.35 "The Medicine Man" San Fernando. GS: Pat O'Brien, Amanda Blake
1957 06/04 06.36 "Freddie the Star " GS: Rex Allen - Rex Allen/Pecos Pete, Allen Jenkins - Muggsy Roos
1957-06-04 Freddie Star
1957 06/11

06.37 "Cookie's Secret" GS: Forrest Tucker

Plot Synopsis

by Hal Erickson

Red Skeltononce more appears as Cookie the Sailor in this filmed episode from June 11, 1957. In "Cookie's Secret," Cookie accidentally overhears some top-secret information. In consequence, our hero and his commanding officer Muldoon (guest star Forrest Tucker) are quarantined to a remote island, where they rapidly drive each other crazy.

1957 06/18 06.38 "Appleby's Invention" GS: Jean Parker; Roland Winters
1957 06/25 06.39 "Hollywood Agent" GS: Gregory Ratoff; Allen Jenkins; Douglas Fowley - Bo Roos.

Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson

Red Skelton closed out his sixth year on television with the comedy sketch "The Hollywood Agent." This time Red plays "himself", a Hollywood actor in search of a proper movie role. With the help of a high-powered agent (guest star Gregory Ratoff), Red tries out for a number of high-budget films, but his efforts are doomed to hilarious failure. Allen Jenkins and Douglas Fowley also appear in this filmed half-hour, which first aired on June 25, 1957.

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