Raleigh Cigarette Program


03 1943 - 1944


Red Skelton


Ozzie Nelson - Bandleader, Singer, Mr. Fowler, Various roles
Harriet Hilliar - Singer, Daisy June, Junior's Mother
Shirley Mitchell
Hal Huber
Terry O'Sullivan
Dick Ryan
Bill Banning
Bea Benaderet
Ferdinand Munier
Pat McGeehan, Frank Nelson - Announcer

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1943 09/14 03.01
1943 09/21

03.02 "Police" "I Dood It" plan at Portland, Oregon ship yard. Deadeye becomes the new sheriff of Gopher Gulch. Clem sees a police car. J. Nuton Numbskull helps out at a police station. Junior takes a ride in a patrol car. Music: "Lay that Pistol Down" Note: Edward J. Robinson next week. [1]

09/28 03.03
10/12 03.04
1943 10/19

03.05 "Being Helpful" Opening of "I Dood It". Autograph joke. Tin can drive. Clem helps WACs drill. Willie helps a milkman. Junior helps a new neighbor "Keyman Frees" with is lawn. Music: "You'll Never Know" [2] [1]

1943 10/26 03.06 "Dog Lovers" [1] Navy Day. Willie is seeing dogs. Clem enters a dog in a dog show. Junior picks up a stray. Music: "Surrey with the Fringe on Top"
1943 11/16 "Photography"[1] Photographer interview. Bennie the bank robber uses photos before a robbery. Deadeye does not like his photo on a wanted poster. Junior takes photos. Music: "What do you do in the Infantry?"


03.12 "Transportation" Phil Harmonic Auditorium with 3500 Southern Pacific railroad workers. Bob Whitman ticket agent. Willie tries to get a ticket to Vincennes, IN. Clem works in a switch tower. Junior (Home: 400 N. Camdem) takes a train trip and talks to a soldier. Music: "Choo-Choo Baby" [2]

1944 01/04

"Tailors" Boit tries to get high class suit for dinner. Junior need new pants. Music: "Victory Polka", "How Sweet You Are". Note: Continuity Number: BW-R-127 [3]



03.17 "Dancing" Willie finds a dime-a-dance joint. Deadeye gets into a fight at a dance. Junior goes to ballet class. Music: "The First Time" [2]

1944 01/18

"Husbands and Sweethearts" Filming Mr. Co-Ed. Going to Oklahoma for War Bond tour (01/21, 22). Clems fights of a rival. Junior's Aunt Merdith meets a solidier. Willie sneeks in late nigth. Music: "Mairzy Doats" (new lyrics) [2]

1944 01/25
1944 02/01 Hotel Room Shortage (afrs)
1944 02/08 "Gas Stations" Was in Bill Henry's column. Shagnasty hires a new gas station attendant. Willie tries to be first in line at a gas station. Junior's Mom goes to gas ration board. Next week US Navy Air Station in Dallas, Texas. Music: "The Daughter of Mademoiselle from Armentieres" [2]
1944 02/15


03.23 "Fingerprinting" Deadeye tracks down Panhandle Joe. Clem tries to get a defence job. Junior gets fingerprinted. Music: "This is a Lovely Way to Spend an Evening" [2]



03.24 "Ushers" Was in Washington Day parade. Shagnasty has trouble finding a theater seat. Junior goes to a matinee with Mr. Folwer. Music: "It's Love, Love, Love" [2]

1944 03/07


03.26 "Taxi Cabs" Was at Army/Navy Display Show in San Diego. Music: "The Doddlebug Song" Clem sings. Willie gets a lady taxi cab driver. Daisy June is a cab driver. Junior shares a cab. [2]



03.27 "Clothes" Guest: Irma Beal (dress designer). Clem talks to a dressmaker's dummy. Junior has a new neighbor, Mr. Munier, with a big dog. Music: "I wish I could hide side this letter". [2]



03.28 "Waiters" Willie dreams he is in the Army serving a General. Daisy June becomes a waitress. Junior eats at a cafe with Mr. Fowler and Mr. Munier. Music: "Deacon Jones" [2]

1944 04/11 Candy


03.31 "Firemen" Shagnasty works with female firefighters. Clem helps with a bonfire. Willie is a fireman. Music: "Foxhole Joe" [2]

1944 04/25 Life Under The Big Top Part in American Way of Living: Norman Carroll, barker from Clyde Beatty and Russell Bros. Circus. Song: "Milkman, Keep those Bottles Quiet". Bolivar Shagnasty runs sideshow. Clem ties to be a lion tamer. Mr. Fowler and Mr. Munier try to take Junior to the circus.
1944 05/02 Traffic Problems
1944 05/09 Swimming
1944 05/16 Education
1944 05/23 Dog Catcher Skits
1944 06/06 D-Day Farewell show. Junior gives a D-Day prayer. Music: "San Fernando Valley" "What do you in the Infantry?" [4]
1944 06/13
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