Red Skelton's Funny Faces were a part of HBO's Standing Room Only TV specials.

1980 Red Skelton's Funny FacesEdit

Cabala Communications [1]Markowitz Television, HBO

Opening: Talks about coming back to television; dressing rooms; looking good at old age; State Fair health; meeting people; Seagulls; type of mime.

Mimes: New Yorker on a Horse; Drive-In; Dunking Donuts; Greek restaurant waiter; Birth, Life and Death of a Flower in a Storm.

Jokes: Desires at Midnight. Clem (Hunting dogs); Junior (Milkman; Dust); Funeral; Airplane fuel;

1980 Funny Faces
Shields & Yarnell
: The Clinkers at Breakfast

Mummenschanz: Mouth with a tongue; Tube playing with a balloon.

Yacov Noy: Sculptor; Two Jewish Dancers

  • Opening mime: Keith Berger
Producer and Staged: Riff Markowitz; Co-producer: Lewis Chesler; Director: Trevor Evans; Associate Producer: Cathleen Fizpatrick; Musical Director: Ian Bernard; Musical Director for Mr. Skelton: Jerry Kaye; Musical Director for Shields & Yarnell: Norman Mamey; Art Director: Tom Meleck; Production Coordinator: Andrew Linsky. Taped on location: The La Mirada Civic Theatre (Manging Director: Tom Mitze)
  1. Edited Master, Pacific Video Post, 03/13/1980