Climax! "Public Pigeon #1"
Season 2, Episode 2, Program {{{program}}}
1955-09-08 Public Pigeon 1
Air date 09/08/1955 CBS
Character Rusty Morgan
Cast William Lundigan - Host
Roy Rowan - Narrator
Ann Rutherford - Edith Enders
Vicki Raaf - Rita DeLacey
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"Adventures of Huckleberry Finn"
"Silent Decision"
Red Skelton - Public Pigeon

Red Skelton - Public Pigeon

09/01/1955 Preview


A diner clerk trys to get rich buy stocks. He finds out that the stocks are phoney and believes the men selling stock are working for the government. The real G-men put Rusty in prison then try to break him out so that he lead them to the con men.


Classic mime of a clown on a horse.

TV episode of Climax!. Remade as a feature film.


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DVD Public Pigeon
  1. Public Pigeon #1, Goodtime 8223
  2. Public Pigeon #1, Goodtimes 05-81115 (c) 2000