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J. Newton NumbskullEdit

01.27 1952/03/30 "Topsy Turvy"

Lord Beaverhead Edit

01.21 1952/02/24 "How to Make a Salad"


02.03 1952/10/12 "The Stagecoach Robbery", 02.09 1952/11/23 "The Thanksgiving Turkey"

Dr. Ludwig Von HumberdooEdit

Mad scientist that tries to find ways to control the world. Had an assistant, Oscar. He later moved to America. Spies and the CIA wanted his inventions.

20.01 1970-09-14 "The Magic Act" (Introduced), 1970-09-21 "Freddie's Desperate Hour", 20.04 1970-10-05 "Clem's Witness"

Fairley T. FortrightEdit

A W. C. Fields type character that posed as a lawyer.

20.01 1970-09-14 "The Magic Act"

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